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Monday, 7 October 2013

Sports Hijab & Sleeves by Raqtive

We are pleased to announce that we are now selling sports hijab by Raqtive. Main products of Raqtive includes Sports Hijab, Sports Hijab Pro and Sleeves. 

Raqtive products; symbolizing contemporary women that care about living a healthy lifestyle, with modern design using high quality microfibre fabric specially for sports and recreational activity; Light, comfortable and easy to wear.

Here are some photos of our active friends wearing Raqtive's sports hijabs and sleeves.

Anies & Ejah with Raqtive's Sport Hijab during IEM Engineer's Run

Ejah is wearing Raqtive's Sport Hijab & 
Aniza in her Raqtive's Sport Hijab and sleeve during TMBT Trail Run 2013

Nannoor in her Purple Raqtive's Sport Hijab during SCKLM 2013

Ejah, Aniza & Mira in their Raqtive's Sport Hijab during SCKLM 2013

Farisha in her Raqtive's Sport Hijab during SCKLM 2013

Hanim in her Raqtive's Sport Hijab during SCKLM 2013

Raqtive has been featured in Bella Unwind 2013, NTV7 episode 173, aired  on 5th September 2013. 

Get your own Raqtive's sports hijab and sleeve from us today!

#note: credit to Nannoor, Anies, Aniza, Mira, Farisha & Hanim

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